Made in India, Refined in California, Servicing America
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What does Moga mean?

Moga is a city located in the state of Punjab in the north of India, which is characterized by agriculture. The values of hard work and ambition are what describe the people living in Punjab. It is for this reason that we have named our company after our home because we possess the same values´╝Źdriven, hardworking, ambitious, and tenacious.

Mission Statement

There is no challenge that is too big or too small for Moga Transport, Inc. We aim to provide the best service that is unparalleled.

Our Story

Established in 2013, Moga Transport was founded by two childhood friends who dreamed of bringing their agricultural tradition and culture to the United States. Because each of them has different expertise in the field, they have successfully delivered efficiently in the dairy hauling industry, one load at a time.

The operations of Moga Transport began in Bakersfield, California. There, it gained its reputation of excellence, no non-sense, and no-excuse service in the industry. Moga Transport quickly expanded its second terminal in Petaluma, California.